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Try Your Hand at Panning for Gold

Gold Prospecting

Experience the thrill of panning for gold in the Arizona gold fields at our tourist attraction. We instruct you're prospecting experience on privately owned Arizona Mining Claims.  Our instructors will teach you a variety of prospecting techniques, provide you with the equipment and a place to go.  Best of all, you get to keep all of the gold you find!

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Gold Prospecting

Meteorite Hunting

Find a meteorite from outer space. 15,000 years ago, a small asteroid exploded 10 to 15 kilometers above Gold Basin, Arizona. Now the plain is strewn with beautiful chondrites, making the area perfect for meteorite hunting.  Join us on an unforgettable expedition as we hunt for Gold Basin L4 meteorites.

Meteorite Hunting

Pan for gold and hunt for meteorites in the deserts of Arizona.
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About Frontier Gold Prospecting

At Frontier Gold Prospecting  we prepare you for future adventure with a trip into the famous gold fields near Wickenburg, Stanton, Prescott or  Gold Basin, Phoenix, Arizona.   We are a company that offers unique experiences, tailored for you and your group.  You'll have access to state-of-the-art prospecting equipment and private claims in an area that's rich with gold and meteorites.

Frontier Gold Prospecting started more than six years ago.  We have over 40 years of prospecting experience.  We have always been interested in hobby prospecting.  When we moved to the area, we found many other people wanting to experience prospecting for gold.  Eventually, we found local mentors willing to show us the ropes and now we're keen to pass that knowledge on to others.

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